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Reporting & Tracking

Ad tracking from SureResponse:
  • Track email and Internet ads
  • Create unlimited ad tracking campaigns
  • Split-test marketing efforts
  • Track links to your website

Test and track your results.

OK. The campaign is sent. Now what? SureResponse provides the necessary tools to help you gauge the success of your email marketing campaigns and other Internet marketing efforts with our ad tracking tools. Testing and analyzing your campaigns with ad tracking from SureResponse allow you to refine your campaigns to maximize your marketing efforts. You can even use tools at their simplest level to simply track traffic from various external links.

You will be able to measure the amount of traffic, click-through rate, open rate, and conversions. Additionally, you can split-test emails and ad campaigns to see which version is a higher performer.

* Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every 4 weeks
† Prices subject to change based on size of client list, click here to learn more is a family of companies that offer products and services to help businesses succeed online and off. These high quality solutions include shopping cart software, ecommerce design, search engine optimization, logo design, general contractor services, website design, homeowners association websites and online store solutions.

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