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Lead Capture

Lead Capture with SureResponse:
  • Easily create unlimited forms to collect new subscribers with web form generator
  • Instantly prompt visitors to join list upon entry or exit with Pop-up Wizard
  • Automatically add new subscribers to specific autoresponder series

Grow your list.

Lead generation is perhaps the most crucial component to Internet marketing. To grow your list you must collect valid contact information from qualified prospects. With SureResponse's built-in tools, attracting prospects and capturing leads is simple.

A web form generator allows you to create unlimited HTML email sign-up forms and surveys to be placed on your website, blog, and other websites from which you wish to capture contacts. A pop-up wizard allows you to generate forms that instantly pop-up as a visitor arrives or exits your site for a more aggressive collection approach.

Finally, you can add contacts to your list manually from your control panel. And, these lead capture methods work hand in hand with SureResponse's autoresponder feature as you may automatically add new subscribers to the autoresponder series you choose.

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